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Space exploration offers humans a means of striving for something greater far beyond Earth, so I have dedicated the past 4 years of my life to exploring the possibilities of innovations in technology for space. I believe there comes a time when you have to start changing the world, otherwise the world will change without you. This is why we started STAC.

Travis Brashears photo
Travis Brashears
Co-Founder & Co-President & Engineering Design Lead
Engineering Physics

Space is an area of limitless possibilities and unchartered territory that not only inspires innovative technology but also excites creative ideas. Humans have the opportunity to learn new information through space exploration and research, which is why I’ve spent time working at NASA and would like to study space even further through STAC.

Olivia Hsu photo
Olivia Hsu
Co-Founder & Co-President & Electronics Lead
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

There are great knowns and great known unknowns, but what''s even more fascinating are those great unknown unknowns. Space is exactly one of those mysterious and spectacular final destinations for humans. With a relentless passion and intellectual curiosity, I explore the world with a state of adventurous and exploratory mind.

Gan Tu photo
Gan Tu
Co-Founder & Software Expert & Graphic Design
Computer Science Honors

I''m pursuing excellence in engineering management. The STAC team is incredibly passionate and innovative. I am so excited to do anything I can to further our discovery in space technology. I am heavily involved in the logistics, recruiting, and financing of multiple engineering teams and research projects, and hope to turn those skills into a career in furthering science and engineering.

Camille Stuczynski photo
Camille Stuczynski
Internal Vice President
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

I became interested in space after debating space policy my freshman year of high school. There has been a huge resurgence in space research within the past few years and I strive to apply AI to the next frontier. Space is no longer the abstract concept that people believe is out of reach\; it''s a place where we can have a positive impact.

Malhar Patel photo
Malhar Patel
External Vice President
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

I love to learn and there is nothing more prodigious than exploring the depths of space. Growing up next to JPL, space research has always been part of my life. Design is also something that has always been important to me and the projects at STAC allow for us to help aid the human effort in space exploration in a variety of areas. I hope to learn as much as I can. As the writer Brandon Sanderson says, “Journey before Destination.

Philipp Wu photo
Philipp Wu
Engineering Director
EECS & Mechanical Engineering

I have diverse interests from space exploration to organic chemistry. I spend much of my time at the UC Berkeley Radio Astronomy Lab working on the HYPERION project probing signals from the Epoch of Reionization. I also enjoy competitive ballroom dance and cooking - perhaps the only thing more vast than the cosmos is the myriad of slow cooker recipes the internet has to offer.

Daniel Shen photo
Daniel Shen
TIME Project Lead
Mechanical Engineering

Space instills unbridled curiosity because there''s just so much that we don''t know about it, and this type of curiosity has been fueling me to learn for many years in areas ranging from space to mathematics and engineering.

Varun Khurana photo
Varun Khurana
CubeSat Deployer Project Lead
Mechanical Engineering & Pure Math

I have been interested in space ever since I started watching Futurama as a kid, and firmly believe that humanity will settle beyond Earth in our lifetime. I study engineering so that I can be a part of that great endeavour in any way I can.

Abhishyant Khare photo
Abhishyant Khare
High Altitude Balloon Project Lead
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

I want to put all of my education and engineering skills towards extending the limits of human knowledge and innovation. I am extremely curious about what is out there in space and am so grateful that I found STAC, where I can fully unleash my ambition working with the most brilliant people I know.

Daniel Sotsaikich photo
Daniel Sotsaikich
TIME-2 Project Lead
Mechanical Engineering

Space is the gate to our future, holding answers to our earthly troubles and greater questions for us to explore. My biggest question is how can life exist in space, or on other planets? I seek to discover how we can spread and grow life beyond our little home.

William Sharpless photo
William Sharpless
Biosphere Project Lead
Molecular Environmental Biology

Space is often looked at as where our future is heading, but I don''t think many people realize how much of it is already a part of what we do. From the incredible span of NASA spinoffs to the new modes of industry it allows for, space is the motivation that has pushed us there. I know space technology will only continue to set off even more chain reactions that go on to help everyone, and I hope to let our world appreciate and get involved with it more!

Anoushka Giri photo
Anoushka Giri
Autonomous Rover Project Lead
Mechanical Engineering

I can''t live on Earth my entire life. There''s so much to see, so much to learn about our world, that it doesn''t make sense to not be interested in space. I love solving hard challenges, and space requires solving a lot of them. Also, pictures of space look awesome and star gazing is really fun!

Sirej Dua photo
Sirej Dua
Autonomous Rover AI Lead
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

The sophistication and innovation of the first satellites and space technologies sparked my passion for the subject. We are in the midst of a new era of space exploration, and I’m excited to tackle the unique challenges that space presents. STAC gives me the opportunity to pursue my passions alongside a group of inspiring teammates.

Jacob Warnagieris photo
Jacob Warnagieris
Social Officer & CubeSat Team

Aspiring to become a chemical engineer, I have been interested in sustainable energy and environment. Space is a place full of possibilities, and I would love to explore it with my knowledge and skills learnt at Cal and STAC. Also, I''m just thrilled to work with all STAC members!

Audrey Zhao photo
Audrey Zhao
Internal Officer & Biosphere Team
Chemical Engineering

The future of humanity is written in the stars. The next big step in our evolution is reaching beyond our world to others unknown. I want to do everything that I can to help us get to closer to knowing more about the universe. There are untold wonders out there to be found!

Ravi Dashputre photo
Ravi Dashputre
External Officer & CubeSat Team
Intended Applied Math

Space captured my attention after I became involved with the hackathon arena in high school. To me, it''s the perfect way to unleash the power of a computer and make exciting new discoveries using open data. Studying space is my way of engaging with my surroundings - it''s a link between my interests in engineering and the natural world.

Shaantam Chawla photo
Shaantam Chawla
External Officer & Autonomous Rover Team
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

I have always had a passion for space since I was a child. For me, space is the future and space is the ultimate destination for humanity. The innovations that come from space exploration just blows my mind and makes me profound at what we can achieve. There is so much in space that we don''t understand and I want to be able to discover these unknowns myself.

James Mang photo
James Mang
Financial Officer & TIME Team
Intended Astrophysics and Chemistry

I built my first cubesat in high school as part of the Irvine CubeSat project and wanted to keep working on amazing hands on projects that end up in space.

Mark Hill photo
Mark Hill
Engineering Officer & CubeSat Team
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

After coming to UC Berkeley, I became very interested in aerospace through my engineering classes and certain aerospace clubs on campus. Space fascinates me because there is so much still unknown for us to explore and experiment. I am excited to take part in this exploration of space while expressing my creative freedom through STAC.

Brian Lo photo
Brian Lo
Engineering Officer & CubeSat Team
Mechanical Engineering

Growing up, my parents always encouraged me to explore my curiosity with space and science. I love the interdisciplinary nature of space research and the boundless possibilities of this field. I''m excited to contribute to the innovative research being conducted through Space Tech at Cal.

Katelyn Yu photo
Katelyn Yu
Research Officer
Environmental Sciences

I enjoy working on electronics projects, and electronics for space present some unique challenges not found elsewhere. The STAC team offers me an opportunity to find solutions to these challenges while working with a unique, motivated, and outstanding group of individuals.

Aviral Pandey photo
Aviral Pandey
Electrical Expert
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

I''m an amateur space enthusiast here at Berkeley. I really enjoy designing stuff, and am super pumped to be a part of STAC!

Brent Yi photo
Brent Yi
Electrical Expert
Computer Science

I am passionate about shaping our future in space and working on projects that really matter. The opportunities for space exploration are boundless and offer unique challenges. Hands-on learning is my favorite building and testing is what I love most. I have experience in a variety of disciplines including product design and flight controls engineering, and I also carry a private pilot license.

Emily Stednitz photo
Emily Stednitz
Mechanical Expert
Mechanical Engineering

In an era where technology has improved by leaps and bounds, the ability of space exploration has unlocked a new realm for discovery and learning. The sheer vastness of space is intimidating, yet so intriguing. I hope to help those around me and push the barriers of what we think is possible.

Chelsey Fang photo
Chelsey Fang
Chemical Engineering Expert
Chemical Engineering

I have a lot of passion for design. I’m extremely interested to see how engineering in space changes in the coming future and am excited to contribute to the advancement of our understanding of the great unknown. STAC has been a great organization that has bolstered my creativity and helped me foster closer relationships with my teammates. I look forward to exploring space with them!

Albert Li photo
Albert Li
Spring Hiatus: Product Design Intern, Apple
Mechanical Engineering

I am interested in space because of what is happening here on Earth. Our current understanding of nature and state of technology have put us in a position to answer the most compelling questions about what is out there.

Alex Ungar photo
Alex Ungar
Autonomous Rover Project Member
Engineering Physics

Space exploration and the development of space technology can open so many doors for humanity. There are answers to questions we haven''t even asked yet, and space allows us to learn about ourselves and the universe. I also think everyone should have the opportunity to go to space! It would be amazing for future generations to get to experience life beyond Earth.

Andrea Padron photo
Andrea Padron
High Altitude Balloon Project Member
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

I''m interested in space and STAC because I want to learn more about the challenges of living and learning in space. It''s a field that feels more powered by the curiosity and drive of humankind rather than personal gain, and thus something I''d like to be a part of.

Andrew Li photo
Andrew Li
Autonomous Rover Project Member
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

My interest in space developed as a child while observing stars at night. I kept wondering what could be out there and why we know so little about it. From that day on I imagined myself going to space as an astronaut every day. How cool it would be to be able to spend a portion of my life in space. Today I work towards that goal by aiming to advance space exploration projects.

Arda Hatay photo
Arda Hatay
Autonomous Rover Project Member
Mechanical Engineering & Physics

Space exploration is challenging. It pushes us to the limits of design, planning, and control. And it is this unforgiving battle against the elements (or lack thereof) that gives space exploration its allure. Not to mention the beauty and excitement that comes with discovering the unknown.

Bradley Qu photo
Bradley Qu
Autonomous Rover Project Member
Computer Science

I want (people) to live on Mars someday, but I also think that stretching the limits of science for space exploration has an extraordinary capacity for ameliorating human health. I would love to someday work on nanoscale enzyme prototypes, bioengineered food systems, or lightweight medical devices that help keep astronauts healthy but also give way to medical or ecological earth-based applications.

Christine Giuliano photo
Christine Giuliano
TIME-2 Project Member

Space is the final frontier! A lack of interest in it doesn''t even seem plausible to me. It''s thrilling that there are so many answers out there waiting to be found\; many questions to be asked. Space exploration and study could very well be necessary to lengthen the lifespan of the human race, which is by all measures a goal I am more than proud to work towards.

Cody Yanna photo
Cody Yanna
CubeSat Deployer Project Member
Mechanical Engineering

I''ve always had a wide and varying range of interests, but I''ve been pushed to STAC since I saw how diverse and multifaceted space exploration can be. I''m glad to be at the forefront of the current thread of space technology, and I hope to see my own code headed towards the stars.

Connor Prisby photo
Connor Prisby
TIME Project Member
Computer Science

I''m fascinated by the possibility of working on a tangible project that has the potential of actually being launched into space. Also, I''m a big Star Trek fan.

Daksh Dave photo
Daksh Dave
Biosphere Project Member
Mechanical Engineering

I am interested in space because my dorm needs more of it. Jk. In reality, I''m interested in space exploration because in the past fifty years, it has brought out the best of humanity: curiosity, collaboration, and some of the most cutting edge technology of our time. Our world wouldn''t be the way it is today without space exploration.

David Deng photo
David Deng
TIME Project Member
Nuclear Engineering & Intended EECS

There are so many things we haven''t seen, and an incomprehensible amount of space for us to grow both physically and intellectually. I''m interested in furthering life beyond our terrestrial realm through building sustainable synthetic systems.

David Mai photo
David Mai
TIME Project Member

Even since I was a child, I was fascinated with space. Watching episodes of The Universe everyday after school, and seeing the vastness and mysteriousness of space fueled my curiosity. But space also has the potential to solve humanities greatest problems, and I''m excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the space revolution.

David Yang photo
David Yang
Autonomous Rover Project Member
Mechanical Engineering

The constraints of space result in really amazing technologies, from efficient jet propulsion to long range communication to autonomous control. I''m really interested in the innovations that come from developing for these environmental conditions, and all the amazing things we can do from these inventions.

Eric D`sa photo
Eric D`sa
Spring Hiatus: Data Platform Intern, NVIDIA
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Creating and designing technology to endure the harsh challenges of space pushes the limits of human creativity. The future of the human race relies on us becoming a spacefaring civilization by utilizing this creativity. STAC is the perfect opportunity for me as an undergraduate to start working towards this future.

Evan Braun photo
Evan Braun
Autonomous Rover Project Member
Mechanical Engineering

Since competing in NASA’s ZeroRobotics in high school, I’ve remained fascinated with space technology. I believe outer space has shaped modern culture, inspiring rapid innovation in communications, education, robotics, medicine and numerous other fields. I look forward to continuing the tradition of discovery.

Evan Frenklak photo
Evan Frenklak
CubeSat Deployer Project Member
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

I''ve had a fascination with space since I was a kid with glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling. I love to explore applications of AI/ML and space is a particularly exciting frontier.

Gokul Swamy photo
Gokul Swamy
Autonomous Rover Project Member
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

I find high frequency telecommunications poetic that something so delicate, so minute, but so very deliberate, as the coded ripples in the electromagnetic fabric of reality around us can bring together all of mankind. With the inevitability of space exploration, it will be an incredibly humbling experience to extend the unshakable tenet of ubiquitous connectivity to mankind scattered across the stars.

Hall Chen photo
Hall Chen
CubeSat Deployer Project Member
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Space is an age-old frontier of human exploration. Its exploration presents some of the most complex and interesting challenges in engineering and science. Combined with my passion for working on electronics projects, STAC provides a unique opportunity to engage in both.

Jason Hou photo
Jason Hou
CubeSat Deployer Project Member
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Sooner or later, humankind is going to evolve beyond Earth. Space is our inevitable, irresistible destiny. But first, our fledgling species has to leave the nest and that''s where our generation comes in, paving the runway to the stars and unlocking the door to a future of infinite potential.

Jonathan Lee photo
Jonathan Lee
Autonomous Rover Project Member
Materials Science and Engineering

I’m a freshman in Physics and I hold strong interests in the space. I am heavily involved in physics theories and get trained in designed. With science and passion, human beings start with nothing and build the whole civilized world, so shall we today. I’m eager to do my best achieving each step of exploring the space with my passionate and outstanding teammates.

Junhao Yu photo
Junhao Yu
CubeSat Deployer Project Member

I''m interested in space because it''s currently the final frontier and truly innovative engineering is what it takes to further explore it. From that engineering, newly discovered technologies can be a significant impact in making the world a better place both on Earth and beyond.

Kelvin Pang photo
Kelvin Pang
TIME-2 Project Member
Mechanical Engineering

Learning about the development of the universe allows us to learn more about our own origins as living beings. Studying seemingly obscure topics such as cosmology or planetary and stellar sciences can help us learn more about why and how we came to be. STAC''s mission to enable life beyond earth is yet another step to allow us to discover more about ourselves.

Kevin Tang photo
Kevin Tang
High Altitude Balloon Project Member

After countless trips to Kennedy space center and seeing the direct impact of innovations for the final frontier, I''ve been enthralled with space. I love the challenging atmosphere that surrounds technology in space. I love making wide variety of things and am currently focusing on the intersection of software, electronics and mechanical design.

Kireet Agrawal photo
Kireet Agrawal
High Altitude Balloon Project Member
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Ever since I was little, I''ve had butterflies in my stomach just looking up at the night sky and asking questions about space, a place where physical limits are tested and pushed to their extremes. I hope to inhabit the seemingly uninhabitable and create technology that will help people, all with the goal of exploring the universe.

Makena Fetzer photo
Makena Fetzer
High Altitude Balloon Project Member

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

Matthew Trepte photo
Matthew Trepte
Autonomous Rover Project Member
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

My passion for space began in 2nd grade with my admiration and respect for my female role model in STEM: Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. Space specifically fascinates me because there is so much research and science to develop to aid us in exploring and learning about what the universe has to offer. Exploring the unknown, and being able to do that with so many degrees of freedom, is why I''m interested in space.

Namrita Baru photo
Namrita Baru
Autonomous Rover Project Member
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

The sheer distances involved in space have never ceased to amaze and intrigue me. At STAC, i''m able to directly research and learn more about space, gradually taking steps towards answering questions that fueled my passion in the first place.

Neil Bhattacharjee photo
Neil Bhattacharjee
CubeSat Deployer Project Member
Intended Computer Science

I''m always excited to learn new things and new disciplines. Whether that be design or space exploration. I hope that by joining the team and engaging with all these other brilliant students and creators I can continue to grow and broaden my horizons.

Rachel He photo
Rachel He
Graphic Designer

The space industry has so much growth potential with current improvements in reusable rocket technology, in companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic. Exploring the frontiers of space and beyond requires the highest level of engineering and innovation, and for a mechanical engineering student, contributions to humanity exploring the stars represent the greatest accomplishment.

Richard Yuh photo
Richard Yuh
TIME Project Member
Mechanical Engineering

Space to me is the final frontier. It represents the fact that people can do anything and literally go where no one has gone before, and that drives me as a technologist. I''d like to put my computer science skills to use to take people beyond the limits of imagination and atmosphere.

Ruta Joshi photo
Ruta Joshi
Autonomous Rover Project Member
Computer Science

I’ve been interested in space exploration and experimentation ever since I learned about the possibility of life outside of Earth. I hope to utilize my experiences from working in Pieter Abbeel’s AI Robotics Lab and in Aerospace SAE to help design for the various projects in which STAC will participate. I’m extremely excited to see what this group of bright, passionate engineers can accomplish!

Sepehr Rostamzadeh photo
Sepehr Rostamzadeh
Spring Hiatus: Interior Engineering Intern, Tesla
Mechanical Engineering

I took a seminar in modern physics in senior year of high school, and I loved learning about the frontiers of science. I think space is the most frontier-like of all the sciences: all of our current knowledge comes from an Earth-like environment, so space offers unlimited potential for discovery. I want to spend my entire life discovering new things, and that starts here at STAC!

Steven Cao photo
Steven Cao
TIME-2 Project Member
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

There is so little known about space, which means there is so much there to discover. By advancing in space technologies, we can apply these innovations to further improve our lives. I believe that space is the catalyst for modern innovation. Also, stars are pretty.

Timothy Huang photo
Timothy Huang
Autonomous Rover Project Member
Mechanical Engineering

Space exploration will unlock a new realm of engineering and scientific inquiry, expanding our understanding of the universe and our place within it. I''m most focused on space technologies that help us understand the limits of life, as well as how we can protect Earth life that travels beyond our orbit.

Tristan Caro photo
Tristan Caro
High Altitude Balloon Project Member
Molecular & Cell Biology

When I was younger, space and space travel terrified me\; even the experts knew so little about about it and that deeply worried me. As I grew older, I started to learn more about what we didn''t know yet and my fear turned into curiosity. Now, the unknown quality of space is what fuels me to discover what it truly is and how humans will get there.

Victoria Yim photo
Victoria Yim
High Altitude Balloon Project Member
Mechanical Engineering

It seems like only yesterday that I sat glued to the television watching space shuttle launches. Since then, I''ve interned at NASA Ames and JPL working on AI and instruments research for novel spacecraft missions. My dream is to become an astronaut and I hope to contribute to our journey into space in the spirit of exploration and pioneering.

Alex Gao photo
Alex Gao
Autonomous Rover Project Member

The possibility of living in space has captured my imagination ever since I was a kid. While I know I won''t be able to do so, being able to help get us there one day is what drives me!

Thomas Cheung photo
Thomas Cheung
TIME II Project Member
Molecular and Cell Biology - Genetics, Genomics, and Development

Space is the next frontier. Recent advances in materials, design tools, and manufacturing have expanded the limits of the things we can build and places we can go. Projects that were within the reach of only a small subset of specialists are now accessible to anyone with the drive and passion to explore the unknown. Personally, this is an opportunity I can''t ignore.

Tim Barat photo
Tim Barat
High Altitude Balloon Project Member

When I was little, I had a book in my room about outer space. Every night I would look at the pictures and wonder how they knew so much about something so far away. Now I want to help learn more about our universe, and STAC is helping me reach that goal.

Riley Lyman photo
Riley Lyman
High Altitude Balloon Project Member
Computer Science

I believe that advancements in space technology is the frontier of scientific innovations and I want to be part of this movement. History has shown that every step forward we have taken in space technology, we have gone ten steps forward in innovation on Earth. I want to contribute to expedite this process and taken humanity to the next generation. We, as humans, are bound to reach a brighter future and I want to be part of that effort.

Jesse Orozco photo
Jesse Orozco
TIME II Project Member
Chemical Engineering

To me, space represents the limits of imagination. The hottest, coldest, largest and smallest things exist in space\; things that we can''t even wrap our heads around. Space exploration brings us closer to understanding these strange frontiers, and I am honored to be a part of that process.

Peter Connors photo
Peter Connors
Autonomous Rover Project Member
Materials Science and Engineering

The need to know the unknown is probably one of the most fundamental characteristics to any human. We strive to gain an understanding of the universe around us, and I see no other way to do this but by aiming for the stars. The growing hunger to push the boundaries of what we can currently do in space is what will make the science fiction of today become the reality of tomorrow. Being a part of the movement working towards paving the way for future human exploration into the cosmos, well there isn''t anything else I would rather do.

Alexander Zapata photo
Alexander Zapata
TIME I Project Member
Mechanical Engineering

For me, not only does space exploration represents the pinnacle of human achievement and scientific endeavour but also a figurehead of progress. I firmly believe that the future of the human species is multi-planetary and I am interested in contributing to that progression.

Paul Kottering photo
Paul Kottering
CubeSat Project Member
Intended Physics & Applied Mathematics

Space is the least explored frontier with the greatest number of opportunities for innovation. I fell in love with the possibility of building a colony on mars, vacationing on the moon, or anything else my imagination could come up with.

Vidish Gupta photo
Vidish Gupta
TIME I Project Member

As Carl Sagan said, ''the Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena.'' There is so much outside of our little bubble that we have yet to truly understand, along with so many doors yet to be open. I''m not exactly sure what I am hoping to find out in the great beyond, I just know that I have to keep searching.

Morgan Nanez photo
Morgan Nanez
CubeSat Project Member
Intended Computer Science & Astrophysics

''Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its 5-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.''- Star Trek

Adiyan Kaul photo
Adiyan Kaul
Autonomous Rover Project Member

I have always been intrigued by the intricacy and complexity of space. I want to utilize my knowledge to push for innovations and discoveries in the vast unknown. What we can achieve in space will be profound, and I am excited to be a part of that movement.

Sally Peng photo
Sally Peng
Autonomous Rover Project Member
Engineering Physics & EECS Minor & German Minor

I''ve always been fascinated by space\; in fact, I first chose to become an engineer because I dreamed of designing a new generation of air and spacecraft. In an age where there is little of the Earth left to discover, one naturally looks to the stars, and I hope to do my own part in making space colonisation less of a dream, and more of a reality.

Ishaan Srivastava photo
Ishaan Srivastava
Autonomous Rover Project Member
Materials Science and Engineering

Before humankind there was space and long after we exit this world space will continue on virtually untouched. There is so much to explore and to be a part of these discoveries would make my life the most fulfilling.

Gabi Directo photo
Gabi Directo
High Altitude Balloon Project Member
Mechanical Engineering & Applied Linguistics Minor

Nobody really knows how bacteria react to being in space and in many extreme environments, bacteria and other microorganisms thrive to the exclusion of many other forms of life. I am interested in space because it offers a great opportunity to understand the physiology of how microorganisms adapt to the final, unexplored frontier.

Joseph Maa photo
Joseph Maa
TIME II Project Member
Microbial Biology